What is Spicy Salsa?

Spice up your life and enjoy the best nightlife the week has to offer. Spicy Salsa is latin music, dancing, and a hot scene; everything that keeps you coming back.

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The Details

Spice up your Wednesdays with Spicy Salsa at The Library.

Spicy - Cuz that's how we roll...

Shake it like Shakira at Spicy Salsa. Dance, drink, and mingle with the hundreds of people that party with us every week.

Doors open at 9pm for some warm up dancing, and a little time for the new peeps to "loosen up" with Mike, our bartender. We kick off the salsa lessons at 9pm and then keep the dancing going all night with the music that starts at 10.

18 to be spicy, 21 to have spicy drinks. Cover: $5.

Spicy Salsa Lessons

Salsa lessons start at 9pm every week for the beginners and advanced. Bring your entourage or come by yourself; it doesn't matter because no partner is required. All you gotta' do is move your feet!

Beginning Level

If this is your first time with Salsa dancing, or you'd like to brush up on your beginning skills, this is the lesson to check out. We do it the same every week and keep it simple. Starting from the beginning, we can get anyone to dance!

Intermediate Level

The intermediate lesson picks up where beginner left off. You will learn how to be the envy of your friends, schmooze the ladies, or just keep yourself kickin' like picante sauce! We take it to the next level and bring you up there with us.

Learn more about our Salsa lessons

Music from Spicy Salsa

We keep all the latin flavas coming atcha with a mix of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton. Of course we lean towards the salsa side (hey, its our specialty), but be ready for a full mix of beats to keep your hips moving all night long!

Got a song you want to hear played?

We try to keep it fresh every week, but you may think we need another song on our list (you say toe-may-toe, we say toe-mah-toe)... Just let us know what you want to hear and we'll do our best to throw it on the one's and two's.

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Get Directions to Spicy Salsa

Spicy Salsa is currently hosted at The Library, in Athens, GA. More locations are coming. Stay tuned for more information.

The Library
420 E Clayton St
Athens, GA 30601

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Upcoming Events

Sep 2

Spicy Salsa

Venue: The Library at 9pm
Instructor: Matthew

Sep 9

Spicy Salsa

Venue: The Library at 9pm
Instructor: Gonzalo

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